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Paint Process Equpiments


The Pre - Treatment process steps are:

  • Degreasing (dip and spray)
  • Iron or zinc phosphatizing
  • Nano surface treatment

Moreover all necessary additional equipment to treat water or waste are foreseen in the plant design

  • Waste water treatment
  • Demin Water generation
  • The complete process equipment
  • The whole automated conveyor equipments
  • Process visualization and data acquisition

A high-quality adaptation coating system isvital for the resilience of painted metal goods. The process of applying an inorganic change coating to a metallic surface involves removing any surface pollutants, then chemically adapting the clean surface into a non-conductive, inorganic adaptation coating

Conversion coatings increase the overall surface area and stimulate bond of the subsequently applied organic film. In addition, coatings change the chemical nature of the surface, which rises corrosion resistance.

There are a number of ways in the pretreatment industry today with superiority, cost and the environment being the most predominant. While these aren’t new issues, the pretreatment industry has responded to the needs of finishers by creating expertise to address each of these requirements. In understanding the complete industrial process, including paint formulations and application equipment

Paint Spray Booths

We experienced to assist you through all stages of the equipment purchase process. From the AutoCAD design & layout of your shop flow through turnkey, code compliant installation of the selected equipment, Booth Brothers will handle your requirements in a professional and efficient manner.

Paint Booths

Rig Tech has been designing and fabricating custom auto and car spray booth systems and related products for the automotive production & refinishing market. Our exclusive automotive paint booth designs –cross-flow booths, down-draft booths and modular spray booths – we can successfully meet the challenges of automotive, large and small trucks, and SUVs.

Upgradation of current automotive paint booth to save company time and money, a custom built automotive spray booth designed by Spray Systems is a great choice. All auto and car spray booth systems manufactured by Spray Systems fall under environmental and government regulations, and are made from only the highest quality products.

Cross-Draft Spray-Booths

Automotive Cross-Draft Spray-Booths are efficient and economical. They draw air through the Filtered Paint Booth Door and Side panels and the air goes through the booth-work-area horizontally to the Exhaust Filters in back of the Spray-Booth and through the Exhaust Fan and Ductwork to the atmosphere.

These Spray Booths are available in different sizes and as Solid Back, Drive-Thru, Reverse-Flow, Pressurized, Non-Pressurized and with AMU configurations.

Semi-Down Draft booths

Semi-Down Draft booths draw Air from the upper levels of the shop or from the outside and filtered down through the Ceiling Filters into the Paint Booth and moves the air to the back of the Spray Booth. It is then Filtered through the Exhaust System.

These booths are available in different sizes and as Solid Back or Drive-Thru, Non-Pressurized, Pressurized and with AMU configurations

Down-Draft Spray Booths

Down-Draft Spray Booths are Booths with a Pit or an elevated Metal Basement. Air is drawn from the upper levels of the shop or from the outside and filtered through a bank of Ceiling Filters down and through the work-area into the Exhaust Filters on the floor of the Spray Booth.

These booths are available in different sizes and as Solid Back or Drive-Thru, Non-Pressurized, and with AMU configurations.


Industrial ovens areone of the top-notch experienced designer’s expertise.

The Ovens can be used for a wide-variety of paint curing applications including:

  • Water-based paints
  • Solvent-based paints
  • Powder paints

Additional Applications

In addition to curing paint, ovens are used for applications and industries such as:

  • Baking
  • Drying
  • Epoxy Curing
  • Metal Finishing
  • Preheating

Air Supply System

Air supply Unit (ASU) also called Air handling Unit (AHU) is used for the purpose of providing conditioned, purified air to the work space in order to create comfort, achieve quality and ensure human safety where hazardous fumes and gasses present.

Air supply units and circulating air systems are in use to supply the relevant Areas / zones with the required conditioned air corresponding to the requirement or design.

The measurable properties are:

  • Purity (number of particles)
  • Temperature (air temperature in °C)
  • Humidity (absolute in g(H2O)/kg(dry air) or relative humidity in %)
  • Air volume (volume flow in m³/h)

For various specifications and requirements different air supply units are available, and to be designed uniquely for the requirement.